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"The morning class is a great way to wake up and feel rejuvenated all day! I am always super productive for the day after this session! It’s a gentle start that warms up and stretches the body fully, ending with a mindfulness meditation or breathing that reminds you all day to check in with yourself!

"I LOVE this class and look forward to it all Thursday! it’s such a calming, restful end to the day! stretching the body and breathing mindfully in a way that calms the mind and soul!"

"I have really enjoyed the sessions that I have done through lockdown with Laura. It has been great having a routine in a strange time and an evening of calm. My favourite parts of the classes are the breathing exercises particularly at the beginning and I actually find just giving myself time to stop really lovely. The visualisation we sometimes do at the end is my absolute favourite as I am able to transport myself to exotic beach locations or peacefully watching sunsets! 


I do not have a strong core and am certainly not a practiced yogi but the class I would say is suitable for all levels as there is no pressure to push yourself beyond what you want to. Laura also tailors moves to suit those wanting more of a challenge, if you feel you can push yourself further, or options for those with existing injuries. 


Each week is different but with some elements remaining the same which I enjoy and there is a calmness to the sessions. Overall it's a really lovely environment to be part of each week"

"I would like to thank Laura for introducing me to yoga. It was something I often thought about but was slightly worried as I am 57. It has become something that really makes me feel complete. If I ever miss a class I feel something is missing. 

Since starting yoga I feel much more centred and relaxed. I have a stressful job and the yoga with Laura really helps me cope. I sleep better and it gives me perspective.

Laura is the first (and only) teacher I have had for yoga, she always makes me feel relaxed and is really easy going in the delivery of her lessons. It's  really important to have this to get the right atmosphere."

"I love coming to Laura's classes in the morning and they have definitely helped with the tightness caused by my running. I feel a lot looser generally and experience less pain."

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