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  • Laura Dunham

An ode to my yoga mat

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

My yoga mat has always been a safe space for me to return to and especially throughout the pandemic, my mat has been a source of great comfort. It might sound a little silly to say this about something rectangle that you put on the floor and stand/sit on but honestly, I visit it daily, sometimes several times a day to move freely, breathe and feel grounded. It's my personal yoga studio and meditation zone.

The act of rolling the mat out and rolling it up also feels ritual like. At the start of a session it is a conscious signal that it’s time to pause and take a break. Rolling it up at the end signifies a fresh beginning and a personal vow to take the teachings from the session into everyday life.

So, here's a huge gratitude filled thanks to my pink squidgy yoga mat and all the mats out there supporting, comforting and calming us through this challenging time.

Since writing this, I do have a new mat. A new mat for a new beginning. My old one saw me through one of the most challenging times in the pandemic. Now, it's time to look ahead to all the flows and sequences to come, one breath at a time.

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