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  • Laura Dunham

Listening to Your Body: Why?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

One of the key teachings in yoga is about stepping away from your ego as you step onto the mat.

This is about using the practice to cultivate kindness and understanding for yourself, letting go of the fear of what you look like and pushing yourself beyond your limits potentially resulting in pain and injury.

Be mindful not to force your body into certain positions if it does not feel good. If you force your body to do something you are not ready to, the session could be counterproductive leaving you feeling tight, tense and potentially injured rather than relaxed, mobile and stretched out.

The key is to not let your ego encourage you to shy away from modifications, listen to the instructions carefully and use the alternative to your advantage. By modifying and using props your body will feel better as a result and the practise will be much more beneficial.

If you are practising at home and do not have yoga props such as blocks and straps, you could use simple things such as a dressing gown cord and a big book or box.

I am not saying you shouldn't feel challenged in yoga. That's one of the best things about it, the practise challenges us physically and mentally and as a result we grow in strength and confidence. You can challenge yourself by trying new postures or going slightly deeper into those you feel comfortable and confident in, however, the moment you feel pain you must the leave it immediately and come to a level that is more suitable for you.

By modifying postures and sequences to suit you and saying a no to the ego, you will end up with a much better and more personal practice. One that's suitable and tailored to you and your body and one that will help enhance your health and wellbeing.

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